Ya queda poco para disfrutar de San Sebastian Gastronomika#ssgastronomika #ssg17 Nos podréis encontrar en el Stand nº85 situado en la planta de arriba⬆️↗️ Tenemos el placer de presentaros 3 nuevos productos que empezaremos a comercializar después de la misma. PLUMA IRUKI de vacuno mayor LOMO CAÑA MARINADO IRUKI de vacuno mayor COSTILLA de TXULETA de vacuno mayor Tendremos el [...]

Red, the colour of meat

Red is the colour of passion, passion for good meat. Meat with texture, with flavour, with history. Today we reveal the origin of its colour. Contrary to common belief, meat does not get its red colour from blood. The culprit is a protein going by the name of myoglobin which has the task of carrying [...]

Dry-aged meat and the Basque Country

And how eating dry aged bone-in ribeye steak in a Basque cider house earned its popularity. Having asked in our cider making environment, no-one remembers a challenge anything like it. Basque tradition and the latest trend in grilling bone-in ribeye steaks face to face. It all started when a group of close friends from the [...]

Our farms and their meat

If there’s anything we love about our work it’s being able to visit our farmers, or baserritarrak, where you can feel the everyday dedication and effort they put into caring for their animals. Let’s introduce you to a 92-month Brown Swiss dairy cow.

First OX of the year

It’s increasingly more difficult to obtain this unique and highly appreciated meat. There will be more to come, but it’s still hard to find good specimens. The origin of this animal is to be found on the Basque coast. Although the majority of the oxen that exist in our region are used in stone dragging [...]




Now you can visit us at our Gastronomika 2015 stand. The tandem formed with our friends at Hernández Jimenez de Guijuelo is enjoying enormous success, with the motto: HAM and BONE-IN RIBEYE. Come on in and taste the real and highly appreciated acorn-fed Iberico ham, hand-sliced.  


Source: laiaerretegia.com Grilling is a science all of its own in the world of cuisine. Taking care of the beef, the cut, the preparation, the charcoal, the cooking times, the salt. All with the aim of achieving the perfect bone-in ribeye steak! A mission we share with Borja and José Luis de Iruki – Mature [...]