Flank Steak Argentine

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The Flank Steak is a very popular piece in the Argentine culture. The families meet after a slow and prolonged roast in time, either oven or grill. In this cut several muscles (in Europe is identified only with the narrow fin) of the Skirt of the cow. This supposes the abdominal area of the res. So that we do not find a dry preparation, it must always be done with the fabrics that protect it. These, in addition to preventing the meat from drying out, provide it with gelatin and crunchy texture. It is important that the roast be slow.

Unlike in Argentina, a country that uses meat from young animals, in Iruki, moved by our Basque culture, we bet on beef from the Big Cat, contributing a greater juiciness to the result.

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Basque Country Breeds
Basque Country Breeds
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