The OX

The Holy Grail, the meat that everyone wants to taste and few manage to do. These animals are special because of their bearing and majestic size. They can weigh 2,000kg live.

It is called Ox to bovine males who are castrated with less than one year of life to lower testosterone. In this way they become more docile and manageable for their productive function, traction tasks in agricultural tasks mainly. The number of heads has been ostensibly reduced to almost extinction since the Industrial Revolution began in the eighteenth century. From there to its exclusivity and expensiveness.

Raising an animal for 6 to 8 years that does not produce milk, or give birth, or help in agricultural work is a very high cost to the farmer. This meat is highly valued for its contribution of fat (the not neutered male doesn’t grease) and sweetness in its meats.

IRUKI captures and offers its customers oxen of the Berrendo Colorado, Alistano Sanabrés, Rubia Gallega and Minhota Gallega breeds. Due to the complicity of regularly acquiring these magnificent animals, we offer according to availability one or another breed, and it may happen that we do not have it.

for the OX

Age and its musculature require a greater maturation process to break its intramuscular fibers.

Optimal maturity of 50 to 70 days.


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