The Friesian breed is the main one in dairy production cabins. Its name comes from the region of origin, Friesland, located in northern Europe, although it is considered a Spanish race integrated into Spain since it accounts for 40% of the total census of that cabin.

Its high milk yield makes it lubricate intramuscularly and provide fineness to your meats.

From IRUKI we selected the Friesian breed from the main slaughterhouses of Galicia (Lugo, La Coruña, Pontevedra). We look for cows with a good supply of fat and well fed throughout their development. We select animals of great weight to have large chops.

The maturation of the FRISONA GALICIA

The muscular mass of the Friesian breed is compact and we must mature it between 40 and 60 days to break part of its intramuscular fibers. The thickening between meats allows us to have a tender and juicy cut.

Optimal maturation of 40 to 60 days.


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